Absolutely broke me down

29 10 2008

*first post from the iPhone*

At 8pm I was in class. I knew Senator Obama was speaking so it was hard for me to concentrate. I got home and listened to his 30 minute piece half-heartedly. I was flipping through a new LL Bean catalog to be honest.
I did like the stories and his explicit plans for the American economy.

But it was when he came on live that I just broke down. Like a baby. Y’all I cried like a baby. Sometimes you don’t realize how invested you are in things. I’m so so invested.

I support Senator Obama in every way. I am informed of his policies and I support them. I am informed of his values and I support them.
I support him.

I hope you will too.

A good binge

22 10 2008

I haven’t gone to the grocery store in a few weeks. I had all this stuff already that I couldn’t eat with Smash. So, I’m just gonna binge and start Smash over when the cupboard is bare.

Potatoes, broccoli, rice and chick'n strips

String beans, corn and BBQ tofu in wheat pita pockets

"Shake n Bake" tofu with veggies and rice

Meatball biscuit. I didn't have any Italian bread.

Potatoes, BBQ tofu and broccoli

When I find something I like, I have no problem eating it for days in a row.
I think I’m gonna make some cookies this weekend too. Stay tuned!

Hot and cold

22 10 2008

Hot – I left the heat on in my apartment, along with broccoli and potatoes on the stove.  I came home to a HOT FUNKY MESS!!  Funny thing is that I wasn’t even in a rush this morning.  I woke up with plenty of time to cook the veggies.  Why didn’t I put them in the fridge?  I have no idea.

Cold – So it’s starting to get a bit chilly ’round these parts.  I’d been getting away with wearing sweatshirts or 2 t-shirts and a sweater up until last week.  I finally had to break out the fleece.  I have figured out some tricks to maintaining my cool in the cool.

  1. Don’t leave yourself exposed.  I’m telling you, socks that are too short or a jacket/sweater that doesn’t cover your neck is a waste of money here.
  2. Be about business.  Walk like you have to be somewhere 5 minutes ago.  No sense in lollygagging with Jack Frost.  We’re not homies.
  3. Blast your soundtrack.  I always have my headphones in with some type of music blasting.  After tests, it’s been The Killers, although I’m still listening to that Donnie song.  I love it!
  4. The power of positive thinking.  We all know it’s cold, so there’s no need to whine about it.  All of my playlists include a warm-weather song.  You know, something to remind you of sunshine and flip flops.  “Summertime” and “Summer Rain” are perfect for powerwalking home with frostbitten toes.

See!  It’s not so bad.  🙂
But seriously, this broccoli funk is making me feel queasy.

How I’m feeling (in 3 songs)

17 10 2008

I haven’t done a music post in quite a while and I don’t really know why.  I made a short playlist for my Friday night cleaning (lame, I know) with 7 songs that were speaking to me.  Three of them are really making me smile right now.  Enjoy!

Cloud 9 – Donnie
“We live from the head down and not the feet up”

Momentinlife (Featuring Kindred The Family Soul & Cee-Lo) – Musiq

“Have you ever had that moment in life when everything was cool? Didn’t have to worry about the time; it all went as it should. You were having the greatest moment in life.”

Flying Easy – Donny Hathaway

“We’re flying easy and we do just what we please.”

How are y’all feeling?


15 10 2008

As some of you know, I’m a PhD student here in Ohio. Part of my duties as a Graduate Assistant (to get paid!) include being a Teacher’s Assistant to 3 different freshman-level classes. On Fridays, I hold sessions with them, answer questions, help them prepare for upcoming exams, collect their weekly journals and whatever else they need.

Until 1pm today, everything was super-cool. My kids’ writing has improved tremendously and I actually enjoy reading their writing. I have lots of international students, older students and athletes and the mix makes for good debates. My biggest problem is with my doggone basketball player..and there’s a big problem.

Today, I was chatting it up with another TA and we started talking about the oddball journals we’ve received since school started. One student in particular has a peculiar writing style – one that always ends in paragraphs that say “that was an example of ***”. My one basketball player also has a different writing style, but his always has tons of examples from his basketball practices and his girlfriend. Cute right? Well, as we were talking about journals, I started reading some of the ones I’d collected and something caught my eye. My basketball player’s journal ended with “this is an example of ***”. Hmmm.

Then I read further and saw his started with “this week in ***” and my other student’s started with “this week in ***”. Oh goodness.

Both journals had the same number of paragraphs, the same examples with the same named people. Somebody was cheating. So the other TA and I immediately looked through all of our journals to find others. He found one. Another doggone basketball player. *sigh*

Of course, we had to inform our TA director. She read them all and was livid. We make ourselves more than available and they’ve never come for additional assistance. They never said anything to her either, so she was pissed that they’d try to get away with this. She then called the coach and left a message. Coach called back within 10 minutes. We have a meeting with them all on Friday. Basketball players are a trip. I remember one asking me to do his Trigonometry homework in high school for – get this – milk and cookies at lunch! I’m not Bernie Mac.

Y’all, this could mean dismissal from the university. I don’t want to be responsible for anyone being kicked out of school, but you can’t cheat and get away with it. I feel good that I’m establishing myself as a serious teacher, but I feel so guilty that they could get kicked out.

It sucks.

Runnin’ late but…

15 10 2008

Look what I got in the mail yesterday:

No time to rotate. Thanks MoveOn!


14 10 2008

Just a little info on the lunchbox(es) mentioned before:

Laptop Lunches sells the plastic one pictured with the multi-colored containers.
I also have a metal, 2-tiered lunchbox from To-Go Ware that I use for large salads and for big pieces of fruit.