MJQ and The Artist

21 07 2006

Y’all, I just love MJQ! It’s my favorite new/old spot. Met the ex-boyfriend (the artist) there and had a blast. No one is all obsessed with what to wear. People there just want to hear good hip hop from good DJs. They just want to chill and/or dance and I love that. I actually wore my ever-faithful Chuck Taylors to the club and didn’t feel out of place one bit. I love it! Why aren’t there more spots like that around? I hate being groped in clubs, but MjQ…I just love it! And speaking of the ex, how do you really break up with someone without never telling them that you don’t want to be with them? How is it that I decided that we shouldn’t be together when we never had an argument, never had a major disagreement, but we like ALL of the same things? Who decides to not speak to someone under those terms? What was i thinking? Was I thinking clearly then, or am I thinking clearly now? And why does he even still speak to me? He has every reason to hate every ounce of my body. I hate this.




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