Just be sure first.

19 01 2007

This is simple.  No fancy fonts or formatting.

Before you do something, be sure you’re doing it for you.
Before you get dressed, be sure that it’s what you like and not what people tell you that you need to like.
Before you go somewhere, be sure you want to be at that place.
Before you become someone, be sure that’s who you want to be.  There’s no way to erase your steps.  Once you’ve f-ed up, that’s it.  There are no “do overs” in life.  What you’ve done is officially a part of you.  Add it to Chapter 4 of your book.
Before you join, learn.
Before you speak, think.
Before you criticize, look in the mirror.
Before you agree, rationalize.
Before you submit, …DON’T SUBMIT!
Before you cry, breathe.
Before you hurt, understand.
Before you listen to others, listen to God. *thanks Steph!*
Before you don’t have a 2nd chance, take your time.  Don’t rush through life.  You only get one.  Enjoy your time.  Carpe Diem.  Don’t fall prey to other people’s mess.  Make yourself a priority EVERYDAY of your life.

Do you, and no one else.  I wanna scream this from a mountain top!  Live for no one but yourself, ’cause clearly ain’t nobody living for Kim but Kim.




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