Hair, hair, hair. (June ’02 – Feb ’07)

25 03 2007

June 2002.
I had a perm! (Simone, me Steph). We’ve been through some thangs with our hair. Notice Steph’s lack of hair. She rocked a ‘fro for a minute.

July 2003.
With my girls at Applebees! Kinky twist. (Simone, me, Steph, Keanna)

Thanksgiving 2003.
Two-strand twist (out?) before I discovered the joy of having your hair twisted dry! Those are my neices with me. I heart them!

2004ish (might have been 2003).
Kinky twists. Seems like it’s in the summertime. I’m really not good with dates!

January 2004.
Don’t know why my hair was out like this, but it’s a good look at the texture of my hair.

This is me circa January 2005…I think.

Two-strand was my thing.

March 2005.
In the chapter room. Still two-strand. I was so CRUNK!

October 2005.
I was killing them with this style! Cypress hooked me up! This was the night after I got it done. Y’all know it shrunk up after I took a shower! Such is the way of natural hair…

March 2006.
At Mrs. Tarver’s 50th birthday party. Two-strand twist after a few weeks.

March 2006.
After a press. I needed to get my hair done ASAP and couldn’t get in touch with anyone. I’d just started a new job and didn’t wanna start no mess by showing up with my fro. So I got it pressed. It caused a lot of damage, and I knew it would. The hair loss wasn’t a result. It’s been an issue since 1998. I haven’t found anything to fix it (including creams, gels, herbs, steroids, injections…you name it).

Summer 2006.
Micro-kinky twist with burned ends.

May 2006 with my mommy!
Same style as above. Even though we were both born in Florida, this was our first time at Disney. And she was celebrating her 3 month breast-reduction anniversary!

Summer/Fall 2006.
Micro braids. I was going to a Soiree. I HARDLY EVER wear earrings, so I had to take a pic to have evidence!

Fall 2006.
Pixie style. This was my first cruise. I had a blast!

Shortly after I saw Soror Krystl at the MLK Jr. Day march, I set up my appointment. No need to keep dragging my feet. These are my test locs.

Speaking of Krystl and the march…
(Tasheena, Krystl, GG Soror, me in the front, some dude, GG Soror, GG Soror, and the ALWAYS present Robin!)

February 1, 2007.
The eve of my SL journey beginning. My very last twist-out. *sniff sniff*
Why is that one twist up like an alfalfa sprout?? 🙂
And these were actually taken on the same day. Why I look pale and sickly in one, and slightly constipated in the other, I don’t know.




7 responses

31 03 2007

Welcome to Sisterlocks, freedom and fun. I hope your journey is all that you expect and more.

16 04 2007
Locksuluv Hair Affair

Just stopping by to show you some greek luv…

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

21 04 2007

Thanks for the shout-out! Seems like my hair has matured a lot since that pic back in January. I’m glad you made the transition!

28 04 2007

I thoroughly enjoyed your updated pics and posts. I’ll be disappointed if your next submission ISN’T as colorful as this one was – LOL! Best to you in all you do!!

5 mos. SL’d

30 04 2007

Hey lady. I have the same “crown” problem as you. Trust me, when I find out what will fix it, I’ll let the whole world know! Wishing you all the best in your SL Journey!

11 11 2007

OK, I have been to your blog. It’s been a while though! Blessings…

13 11 2007

You are absolutely hilarious!

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