The first 2 months (Feb 2 – April 2)

30 03 2007

February 2, 2007
After day 1 of the installation. We had to do it in 2 sessions. Session 1 was 8 hours. Session 2 was about 6.

Day 2 of the installation. I had to run to the bathroom to get some of these pics before she finished! See the paper towel holder. 😉

After my 1st wash. After the installation was complete. That took a long time. I treated them like they were fragile eggs! I didn’t know I had that much length in the back.

After my 2nd wash, a week later.

A few weeks later…

March 2007.

My first style attempt! I put in a few flat twists on the side before i went out.




8 responses

30 03 2007

I think your new SL’s look great and you will be blown away by how much they fill in.

31 03 2007
Carmen In NC

Congratulations they look wonderful. I wish I would have started mine when my hair was your length. Keep posting. You look like you could be Creyole’s sister.

31 03 2007

Congratulations, I think your hair is marvelous. It looks really full after that second washing. Enjoy your journey.

1 04 2007

welcome home! your hair looks wonderful and i am sure that you will enjoy it even more as time goes on.

11 04 2007

Thanks everyone!! I thought I’d receive emails when folks left comments. I wasn’t ignoring you…I promise!

12 04 2007
Chosen Vessel

Welcome to the family sis!


13 04 2007
Carmen In NC

I wanted to ask after viewing your pictures again if your hair in your crown is doing better. I used to play in my hair so much that it broke off in the crown. My hair was so uneven that I was embarassed when my consultant say it and when I went to a lady to have it cut even. Now my hair is doing so much better and I hope yours is too.

21 04 2007

Hey Sis! I’m so late posting but I just found your blog. Nice pics! I can’t wait to see them mature. We need to plan an “ATL” SL gathering.

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