April 07-Now we’re talkin’!!

27 04 2007

**DISCLAIMER: I’m very tired and wired on caffeine and blabbin’ on and on because I’m clearly in denial about the amount of studying I have to do** 🙂

So, my consultant and I have just had some major scheduling issues, and it’s not even her part. I had my installation early on in February-no problem. I came back 2 weeks later to be checked for slippage-no problem. At that point, we scheduled a 3 or 4 week appointment to retighten my roots-no problem. I come in and, probably because I’d been wearing hats and scarves so regularly, I didn’t have much new growth. She retightened all around my edges and we made plans for me to come back in a few more weeks for my first REAL retightening-herein lies the problem! She has a lot of clients, understandably, so I had to schedule 4/5 weeks out instead. 😦

I can’t be mad. I work 2 part-time jobs, have an internship and I am taking 4 graduate-level classes. If I would’ve been available, I could’ve been in her chair 2 weeks later, but you gotta hustle while you can. Anyway, I mention all this to say…I LOST MY FIRST LOCS!!!! *insert extra sad face here* Exhibit 2.

Of course I have pics. Exhibit 3.

They were both in the back “kitchen”area. One was a loc that felt that it had been combined when she retightened them. The other was probably my fault. I can’t keep my hands out my head. Nervous habit I guess.
(Background: I have a horrible habit of playing in my hair while I read, watch tv, concentrate on anything. Some folks twirl their hair or chew gum, I find the root/base of the twist with two fingers, stretch the twist all the way out, and stick my middle finger through the base. I know, it’s CRAZY! But I’ve been doing it as long as I can remember with my two-strands and braids before. See Exhibit 4. End background)

So, with me constantly stretching my root and shoving my finger through *ugh*, I think that I caused the base of the SLs, in some cases, to slip/gravitate down. Well this one lil’ ol’ sad SL in the kitched slipped a little further, and with me keepin my fingers in my head, one day the little lump just slipped right on down in my fingers. Exhibit 5.

The other one was the combined one. I kept playing with it too. I’ve clearly got to find SOMETHING to do with my hands. Maybe I should start playing my Viola again. Hmmm… 6.

FYI-It’s finals time and I’m full of expresso and caffeine.

My blogs won’t be this colorful in the future…I promise!

Later folks!! Pics below. And check out my eyebrows. I got them threaded for the first time. YEEEEEAAAAHHH!!




16 responses

28 04 2007

So sorry to hear of your lock loss. I had a damn near experience myself but with my front locks. I had to combine some. I’ve heard of this happen so many times it seems to be the norm from making the hairline locks so tiny.

But you have good thick hair and no one knows it’s missing except you. The hair will grow back and you’ll have your locks back over time.

Your locks do look great!

28 04 2007
Carmen In NC

You are too funny. I got your email but I love getting comments on my blog more than emails – so I came straight to your blog to comment. Your hair is doing great and I’m surprised I haven’t twisted a lock out. I’m being very careful too. I have this particular one that begs me to touch him. He’s one of the thinnest ones and he says something like, “Go on twist me til you’re satistified.” I like to crochet and write so my hands stay busy now.

28 04 2007

Hey there, I saw your post on Lockitup and stopped by to check you out. Sorry to hear about you losing one of your locks but it looks like you’re off to a great start with your locking journey :~)

28 04 2007

You are soooooo funny! I hope all of your posts are this cute.

Your hair really looks good!

Stop playing with it though — just for a bit. Soon you can channel that hand-in-lock habit to a retightening habit … or so I have heard! LOL!

28 04 2007

Your locks have matured so much and so beautifully from when you first had them installed. Your hair looks so healthy now. It’s very encouraging to watch your progress and it reminds me that I need to be patient with my own locking process. I know that I will be looking like a plucked chicken once again when I go for my retightening next week, but I am encouraged to hang in there, thanks to sisters like yourself. I am hopeful that it won’t be too long before my locks actually start looking like locks.

28 04 2007

U B FUN E! As for the Handinhair disease, when I first got my SL I had to post an old Diana Ross song to express my obsession. Here it goes: If there’s a cure for this I don’t want it; I don’t want it. If there’s a remedy I’ll run from it, hide me. Do u no that song? You may be too young. I’ve had my SL for almost 14 months and I still got the problem. Don’t fret Your hair will grow back.

29 04 2007

Girl, you crack me up!!!! Welcome to blogdom. Sorry about you lock loss, just keep a lock graveyard like I do and move on.

Looking forward to hearing more from you. BWT, has anyone every told you you look like Debbie Morgan- the actress Angie from All My Children?


29 04 2007
Chosen Vessel

(((((Laughs)))) You are hillarious. Keep enjoying life and your hair. And please don’t fret about losing any locks, because it will happen now and again…..but with all of those thick, luscious locks you will be just fine 🙂

29 04 2007
Mrs Dee Locked and Lovin It

girl, you are soo funny! your hair is beautiful and i really enjoyed your blog.

29 04 2007
Wrinkle-Free Diva

Hey Soror Kim,

Your locks look great!!! If I were you, I wouldn’t sweat the lost lock. I came to the conclusion a long time ago, that it’s just hair. Before I was SL’d I had tons of hair loss and breakage. Fortunately, I haven’t lost a lock yet, but if I do, I’ll remind myself, it’s just hair! It will grow back. By the way, your blog is just too cute. Maybe I’ll find time to do something with mine this summer.

29 04 2007

sorry for your loss. i have had my sisterlocks for 11+ years and i cannot even tell you how many of the dearly departed are no longer with us. fortunately, i had a head full of hair to start with. those pictures were hillarious!

30 04 2007

Congratulations on your locks. They look wonderful. And girl, your post is too funny.

30 04 2007

Hilarious! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. And as a fellow grad. student, good luck with those exams and such!

30 04 2007

You are TOO cute….stop playing in your hair girl! It’s way too healthy looking to mess up now : )

1 05 2007

ROFL! You’re a born comedienne. Love your blog, and the pics dem baaad!!! Sorry about the locks you lost, but yu need fi keep yu hand dem outa yu head 🙂 Anyway, keep on posting. BTW, are you really this extroverted naturally, or is it the caffeine?

11 06 2007


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