Day one…touchdown!

11 05 2007

OK. So I survived day 1! It’s now 11pm on May 11th local time, and I’ve had about 4 hours of sleep since the 10th.
The flight was very nice, about 7 hours I think. Delta has made some tremendous upgrades so everyone had leather seats and TVs that worked. We arrived in Frankfurt around 8:40am local time, 2:40 Atlanta time. We’re all jet lagged.

As soon as we arrived, it was off to Heidelberg for a walking tour of the city. The guide was very informative, but we were all tired. We toured the city, and many of the buildings date back to the 1600s and 1700s. Their history is much deeper than the US. There’s a library with books that are 600 years old (pics below). Apparently the red color in the library’s brick comes from a very specific area. The material proved to be very weather resistant for hundreds of years until global warming and acid rain. The deterioration is rampant now.
Many of the pics are of Heidelberg, the buildings, inside a church with a funky exhibit, the streets, etc. There are also pics of the airport, the chateau we’re staying in (white with gravel road in front), as well as a stinky airport bathroom that felt like an insane asylum, how Germans feel about Bush, this contraption that made me pay 30 Euros to go to the potty, and us riding through the streets of Strasbourg, France at night…on bikes!

More pics tomorrow.




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11 05 2007

Hey Kim! Didn’t know you were going off to Europe. You have to tell me all the details of your trip – duration, destinations, etc. I did the seven nation Europe thing back in 2001 and it was a hoot. Good to see you on the blogosphere, too. Catch me at sometime… preferably when I bring the photos back and finish my redesign!

12 05 2007

KIM!!! love the pics!!! have fun!! take care!!! work’s not the same without you! LOL…and the store’s losing money ’cause you’re not here to buy your daily dose of dip and dots!! hehehe…wish i was there! take care

12 05 2007

Hey Kim,

I’m so proud of you!!! Make sure you enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!


12 05 2007

Dude! I called your phone to ask how much Starbucks charged for the internet and I was greeted with your “out of the country for 12 months” outmessage… needless to say, i was disappointed. all for selfish reasons i assure you!

anyway, take loads and loads of pictures… LOADS. Have a great time. take a look at how they recycle and all their city planning. its so cool (man, do i sound like a dork!). but seriously, their urban planning is top-notch. HAVE FUN!!!

12 05 2007

12 whole months! I pray that your journey is a safe and powerful one! I am think about teaching overseas so please continue to share your experiences! I’m praying for you! love and miss you much!

12 05 2007
Lisa Lisa


You made it. I know when we talked this trip was planned but I did not know you was leaving so soon. You are doing it girl! I always knew you had vision. Stay focused and enjoy yourself. This is a historical moment. Again, miss seeing you around EBC. Be inspired, motivated and have the desire to always reach your full potential. You are a great woman of God.


12 05 2007

OK, so I don’t know where I said 12 months, but it was a mistake!! Maybe I wanna be gone for 12 months, but I’ll be back on the 1st.

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