Day 3 was all about the church

13 05 2007

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to my mommy especially! And to my aunts, sister, friends’ moms, Erica, and anyone else who’s raising kids. Thanks for being great moms.

**I don’t have a lot of pics because I asked a trip-mate to hold my camera while we were riding the bus and tram and when we got to the city center, he disappeared. Sorry**

So today was a bit of a slow day. We had the option of going to the spa town of Baden Baden and visit the spa. However, when we discovered that the entrance fee to the spa was 15 Euros (approx $18) and that included no services, I wasn’t so thrilled about going. Spa treatments were 25 Euros for 25 minutes or 95 Euro for 95 minute. Just wasn’t so thrilled about that. I did want to see the thermal pool area, but I’ll just have to check out the website.

Only 5 folks ended up going to the spa. The rest of us, minus Jessie, rode the bus and tram into town for some lunch and sightseeing. We had the most delicious crepes for 3,50 Euro. Mine was egg and cheese, and others had Nutella crepes. DELICIOUS!!! While we were sitting, we heard the cathedral bells ringing, but thought nothing of it. Then, we saw the HUGE front doors open and a procesion come out. These doors are absolutely massive, and must be 20 feet high. I learned today that the church dates back to the 1400s, not the 1700s as I thought. Basically, the church is older that Christopher Columbus. Imagine that!
The procession was nothing new; we saw one the day before. This one was much bigger, however. We found out that it was the installation of Strasbourg’s new archbishop. Ain’t that something?? We were just sittin’ having lunch and the new archbishop just marched right by, waving and smiling!

After lunch, we headed to the Musee Alsacien, which included lots of pictures and artifacts of old Strasbourg and Alsace area. Some of the armoires dated back to the 1700s. I so wanted Antique’s Roadshow to come with me! šŸ™‚

After that, we strolled the city area, went window shopping (most of the shops are closed on Sunday) and bought a few more postcards. Oh yeah, and I stopped in the most lovely bakery and got some chocolate macaroons. I wish I could bring some home, but I don’t think they’ll make it!

When it was time to head back, we walked back to the tram stop, caught it to the area where we needed to catch the bus and ran into this convenience store for some bottled water and there we found some fresh baked baguettes…for 60 Euro cents! That’s like 86 cents to us. The smell of fresh baked French bread is amazing. And the taste is so lovely, with just some tomato, olive oil, Nutella or plain. Anything tastes good on fresh bread!

More pics tomorrow. Or maybe more tonight. The night is still young.




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