Day 6…it’s pronounced DOI-chu BOON-dis-bonk!

16 05 2007

Today was all about Frankfurt! We left EARLY in the AM to spend the entire day in the German city, focusing our lectures on the economics of the European Union and the issues of its integration.

The first stop was the Deutschen Bundesbank and attached money museum. We had a nice lecture by an economics graduate of the bank’s school (?? never quite figured that out??) and were able to view some nice historical documents, old money, evolution of the Euro, security features of the Euro, and pretend to be the president of the bank in some very nerdy games! It was right up my alley though-economics and games!

After that, we had lunch. WHY IS IT SO COLD IN FRANKFURT??? I mean, it was in the 50s and rainy all day. Yuck. I ate Subway cause I wasn’t in the mood to play the “guess what’s in the sauce” game! I know, I know. I ate the dinner.

Anyway, then we headed to the European Central Bank, the equivalent of the US Federal Reserve Bank, for 2 more talks. They were very informative. I learned tons about the Eurosystem and the integration of the Euro. No pics were allowed in the lobby of the ECB, so I didn’t bother taking pics once we got past it. And by the way, their security is tighter than the airport’s. I had to take off my belt, go through a metal detector, get patted down, and explain this bog ol’ screw I had in my bag BEFORE I could even see the elevator to get upstairs. TSA should be taking some notes.

The screw was from my MasterLife class, by the way. (Hey Keisha!!)

Good night, y’all. It’s been a long day.




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