Day 8-Part 2…clubbin’ Strasbourg style!

18 05 2007

Just let me say this, they do it very differently in Strasbourg.

1st of all, it only cost 5 Euro to get in to a spot that closes at 6am.

2nd of all, the venue was AMAZING. They normally have concerts there, and Beenie Man actually performed earlier in the day (didn’t know til later), but the venue is actually like 2 clubs in one for one price. One side had a saxophonist playing with a DJ “spinning” stuff from James Brown to Craig Mack. The other side had house/drum & bass music, with an occasional Michael Jackson or Gloria Estefan thrown in.

3rdly, I so appreciate American DJs now. The dudes in this spot straight played EVERY SONG all the way through. I mean, til the song faded out. Strasbourgians (?) cannot dance either. I mean, the poor folks couldn’t find a rhythm if it was a Euro in their pocket.

But, I had a decent time. Besides a French man saying “What up nigga” with a hugely naive smile on his face after I told him I was from Atlanta. Right… Thanks Lil’ John.




2 responses

21 05 2007

wow… “a euro in their pocket”… good one, Kim!

yeah, its awful how they so naively thing “nigga” from a white person is acceptable… they don’t know or understand, which is probably why we should all stop saying it.

rock on!

21 05 2007

on, geez… that last “anonymous” comment was from me.

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