Day 10…Jewish history

20 05 2007

Today was enlightening.

We started by going to the Museum at Checkpoint Charlie. Back in the day, that place was the border crossing and geographical focal point of the Cold War, says their brochure. There was a ton of memorabilia. One story of a young man shot by border polics and left there to suffer for 50 minutes upset me a lot. He died, but there is a memorial for him in the city. They said no pics, so…I have no pics!

Next we went to the Jewish Museum in Berlin. That was an absolutely amazing experience. The building itself is incredible, designed and built in 2001 to resemble a deconstructed Star of David. I honestly can’t put in to words some of the things there. The Holocaust Tower, my goodness. I cried like a baby in there. And it’s a simple room. But, if you go, you’ll know what I mean. I’m going to visit one of the oldest Jewish cemetaries in Berlin tomorrow. It’s only a few blocks from our hostel on Schöenhauser Allee.

The hostel is still extra-cool. Berlin’s public transportation is still WAY better than Atlanta’s (I was listening Steph!), and I’m still not fluent in French or German!




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