Days 11-13…computer issues

24 05 2007

We’re in Belgium right now and I don’t have free access to wireless internet…so updating the blog is a little harder. Add that to my Flash drive acting crazy, and you have a recipe for no updates for a few days. Sorry.

Anyway, I was in Berlin til Monday. Flew back to Strasbourg. Left for Trier, Germany the next day. And went to Belgium the following day. That’s where I am now. I really want to add pics, put stuff just ain’t working for me.

We went on a walking tour of Belgium yesterday evening when we got in. Afterwards, we had free time, so some went back to this beautiful square to see it at night. A few walked around. Some way, the group I was with made its way to an Irish pub and apparently there was some big International match in soccer between Liverpool and Milan. The pub, and every other pub on the street was absolutely insane! Folks were just all in the streets, waving flags, singing anthems with no desire to leave the city streets any time soon. CRAZY!!

Today, we went to NATO and to the US Mission to the EU. Cool beans, but even better in pics. Check out Sarah’s pics in the meantime.




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