What is a life with no conflict?

27 06 2007

So I really want to go back to Europe. I mean, I REALLY wanna go. And I thought I had it all planned out for Fall semester. I’ve been accepted into the University of Northumbria for the semester. I was saving up money for housing and airfare. Then, I discovered the term there doesn’t end ’til January. Not a good thing. I would have to spend Christmas is gloomy UK…alone.
To make it worse, mom’s already paid for a cruise for me as a graduation gift and the cruise is at the end of September. Things just are not working out for me at all. But, we’ll see what happens.
I’m looking to be a transient student somewhere for the semester if a serious job prospect doesn’t work out, or if this England thing falls through. I absolutely want to spend some months in Europe…but I also want to be present at Georgia State’s first mass graduation at the Georgia Dome, which will also be my family’s first master’s degree! How exciting!!!
*sigh* I know it’ll work out. I’m just ready to go. I could always go to Nepal and become an assistant yoga instructor with my friend. How awesome would that be? OF course, I would have to learn yoga first…




One response

29 06 2007

From the wise, experienced, and sometimes regretful mind of Babs:

Go to Europe! That is an awesome opportunity! You can cruise anytime. And yes, the graduation at the Dome is cool, but living abroad is an opportunity not to be missed.

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