Real love-The sequel

12 07 2007

This time it’s about me!
I do love this dude. Never blogged about him. Thought about him many, many times. He’s great. We share a love for music and current events. We share a love for knowledge and helping people (including yourself) to get better. We share a lot, but we’ve never shared that.

(I think that’s what makes it more special. Not having any physical stuff, other than attraction. It’s a first. Especially considering we’ve known each other for years.)

We’ve never been together. Never kissed. Been out a few times and ALWAYS had fun. Can talk for hours or just 3 minutes on the phone, in person, via text or instant messenger. I want to talk to him often, but, I mean, he’s not here. And he’s cute and smart and respectful so I’m sure there’s a line of ladies waiting to get with him. I often wonder how he really feels. I mean, you know you say how you feel sometimes, but you spare the other person’s feelings in doing so. So you kinda throw a blanket of other emotions on top of yours if you even had any real ones. I just wonder how he really feels.

I wonder how things would have been if I was ready back then. I wasn’t. Can’t lie about it. I might have ruined the friendship if I pursued more. But here I am, now wondering and wanting and hoping he’ll pursue.

I really love him in so many ways. He’s just an awesome person. I wanna take a trip with him soon. He says he wants to go somewhere too. Again I wonder… But maybe we’ll see Philly together.

And I think I’ll be blogging here more often. it’s therapeutic. Besides, no one knows about this blog!!

One last thing-Paolo Nutini is pretty awesome. “Last request” gets me teary-eyed everytime.




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