One step closer

16 07 2007

I’m getting there y’all. I can almost taste the salty air from the North Sea. I purchased my plane ticket ($1058), rain boots ($14, kids boots from REI though I may exchange them for the grown-up version), a nice jacket in 2 pieces ($350+, I know I know…it’s North Face. I’ll get years of use out of it. I better. And I’m a member of the co-op so I’ll get some of that money back.), gloves and I got confirmation of housing. I need to return my housing contract by the 21st of July, but chances are that I won’t even receive the contract by then. I still haven’t received the first mailing they said they sent to me in June. I’m not even about to get stressed. I’ll just do it via fax or over the phone. I need to get used to making international calls anyway.

But I’m extra excited. No longer stressing graduation. I’ll take pics in my new robe when I get back.

Besides, I’m applying to PhD programs. I’m really strapped for cash and each application costs $50-$70, plus transcripts that are $5 and $10 each and GRE scores PLUS postage. Oh my.

Here’s my list:

George Washington (#1 choice)

NYU, Wagner (good program, kinda big)

The New School for Social Research (Milano)

UGA (good program, too close to home)

U of Texas-Austin, LBJ school (it’s Texas)

I may also apply to American University in DC. That’s my top choice for a city to study in. Then there’s always VT across the river. All these universities have schools or institutes devoted to Public Policy and nonprofits and that’s the area I’m committed to.

If you have connections, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!! 😉




2 responses

22 07 2007

Wow, to be young and have your whole future ahead of you. Sounds cool. I’m so excited for you!

10 08 2007

Good luck to you!

If you haven’t applied yet, try asking for a waiver. When I applied to grad school, I got waivers either by just asking and offering to get a letter from my undergrad shoing I was receiving financial aid. They all waived, and only one wanted the letter.

And thanks for calling me “Blogger Queen!!”

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