South Fulton & Gandhi (AKA Do You Shawty!)

28 07 2007

I’m reading Gandhi’s autobiography now.  It’s a great and easy read.  He had such a thurst for knowledge and a humble spirit.  He speaks a lot on admitting to yourself when you don’t know something.  He was never afraid to admit (not always publically) that he was ignorant to things.  But he didn’t settle for remaining ignorant-he taught himself what he wasn’t taught by family and school by reading.
The quote folks usually assoiciate with Gandhi is “be the change you want to see in the world” or something very similar.  This is pretty much my life motto.  In fact, Steph and I said we were gonna change the world, starting in East Point, bout 10 years ago!

To the point…I’m ready for change.  I used to think I was going to live in East Point forever.  I thought there was nothing better in the entire world than The Point!  Stuff changes.  Life happens.  I will always love 30344, but I just can’t look at the same intersections with the same trash at the same corner for much longer.  And I’m so tired of missing the light at Camp Creek and Washington Road!  It’s gettin’ real old.  So I’m trying to leave.  In a year, I hope to be in one of the PhD programs I’m applying to.  None of them are in Georgia.  None are even in the South.  In 365 days, I hope to be on my way to DC, NYC, Indianapolis, Cleveland or Seattle.  Now is the time.  My thurst for knowledge is crazy right now.  I want to learn so much more.  My desire to see the world is incredibly high.  I just have to go.

Even more, I have no reason to stay here anymore.  I’m not married.  My mom is dating so she doesn’t need me.  I have no kids.  I have no property to be maintained.  Folks are growing up and getting real lives with real responsibilities.  We don’t depend on each other like we used to.  If I’m gonna dip, now’s the time.  I want change in my life and I’m being that change.  It’s pretty simple.

I’m anxious (about leaving), eager (to become an expert on management in the 3rd sector), nervous (about being on my own alone), excited (to be in a new place), apprehensive (about my ability to survive a snowy winter), sad (at what may never be), and elated (at what WILL be).  But I’m also really at peace with myself.  All is exceedingly well.

So wish me luck, folks.  The new chapter begins now.




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