It’s always full-circle

14 08 2007

I moved into my apartment September ’07 with a co-worker and church-mate. Soon after (by that I mean just 2 or 3 months) I figured out that the chick wasn’t good with her money. Rent checks bounced and I was stuck having to come up with extra funds to cover fees. Bills weren’t getting paid and personal checks were being returned. After confronting her in writing (via email, as I did it after I quit the job), I saw that she had no intention of paying me back, and she didn’t see her financial transgressions as any wrongdoing on her part. So I stopped talking to her. I mean, it’s one thing to not have money. It’s another to have a personal check you write to someone be returned and intentionally not repay the debt. Inexcusable.
I tried to break the lease early in the year only to find out that the cost was in excess of $7000. Not an option.
By April, I no longer wanted to be under the same roof. So I began sleeping at my mom’s house. I removed my television and returned my cable box so that the money I was giving her for the cable bills (that weren’t being paid) wouldn’t continue to go to personal expenses. I made an agreement with the leasing office to allow us to pay rent separately.
So she got fired yesterday. I’m so not surprised. Just as she’s dishonest with money and her own life (she lied about how she got her job and about having graduated), she’d been dishonest at the j-o-b…and I knew a long time ago this was coming. Luckily a friend who is still there informed me of her termination so that I could cover my butt with the apartment in case she tried to dip out or something.
Anyway, when I found out all I could think about was how everything always comes back around to you, good and evil. Always.

That’s why you should actually live a good life and not pretend to.




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