I guess it’s final

31 08 2007

This is the story of my life, text message conversations. What the hell? And, yes, I did sit and type this out. I needed to read it myself to believe it. And thanks to the good people at Cingular for allowing this to happen. 😉

Him (10:22PM)-I miss you!
Me (10:48PM)-Really
H (10:49PM)-Yes I do.
M-Okie dokie. I bet you do.
H-Whats wrong?
M-Im chillin sweetie. How are you
H-Im good. Eating now with ____
H-You must be tired.
M-Im cool. Im chillin sweetie. I told you.
H-Yeah. I must be a little edgy. Im sorry sweetie. I dont know why.
M-Its whatever. I wanna be done with you. Im beyond tired of it all. I really dont wan to know anyone at ___ like that. Im done seriously.
H-It pains me to hear that but I know why.
M-Do you? Ok
H-I know how frustrated you are with me and the situation. I wish it didnt have to be this way.
M-Oh well. You knew exactly what you were doing everyday. Im done having sympathy for you.
H-So its just over? Like that?
M-Im tired of having the same issues, same arguments, same conversations with nothing changing. Im done.
H-Is anything keeping you from being done with me? And what changed from earlier today?
M-Im done now. I shouldnt have to bite my tongue about how I feel. So now I wont feel it anymore. And you are misleading a lot of ppl. You need to be real.
H-How can you just stop feeling for someone like that? This really is killing me. I never asked for sympathy sweetie. Just love. I thought thats what we had.
M-I thought so too. But you cant love me and allow me to hurt. You fuck over me everyday. You let it get to this point. Deal with it.
H-What is it that I do?
M (11:24PM)-You are stringing ppl along. Aint nothing new. Im tired of hearing about a process that takes time. Whatever dude. Im not standing for that anymore.
BREAK-He calls. I fuss. He stops by. Pleads his case. He leaves…no hug. He slams the door. Hmm
H (11:57PM)-Im sorry for ruining us.
H-No bullshit. And happy birthday.
M (12:00)-Thanks.




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