Takin’ pics is hard!

17 09 2007

Each time i’ve traveled abroad I’ve been with a group. People really expect large groups to hold up lines, walk slowly and take too many pictures of “touristy” stuff. Well, walking alone in a city makes it hard to take pictures! I’ve taken less than 20 pics total. Why? I’m trying to not stand out like a sore thumb and not look lost. For example, today I had to wait for Christianna to meet me to go back to her place to pick up some things Scott and Hannah left from their studies here. I’m alone and waiting outside. This is a great time to take pictures, but I don’t wanna stand out even more! Folks here hardly wear jackets at all and I’m in a fluffy North Face fleece!! *sigh* Here’s a bit more of the city:

Newcastle has an industrial feel with the soul of an old European city and a very hip night life. It’s odd…like it’s half Cabbagetown, part midtown and a little Peachtree Battle! It works though.

Christianna and I had a bit of wine (who knew Greek wine was so tasty?) and chatted about the city and her cat for a while tonight. Paying extra to have this stuff shipped to the states is so worth it.

She lives in an area around Gateshead that is primarily orthodox Jewish. She informed me that many Jewish families from around Europe come to this area of Newcastle because of the Jewish community, schools and resources. It’s a unique ethnic enclave.

Oh, and Christianna likes purple, pumpkins, candles and her cat’s name is Ash (he’s gray).

I got a cab back for less than 7 pounds since I now had the duvets, sheets, books and towels from Scott and Hannah. I got back in less than 10 minutes. Funny thing is the driver liked the Miami Dolphins and the Boston Celtics! How random is that?!? He also informed me that it’s called a “football match” not a “soccer game”! Gotta love it.




2 responses

18 09 2007

Hey Kim,
Don’t worry about looking out of place cuz I wanna see lots of pics…Have fun!

19 09 2007

For the first few days I think it’s oka to take pics. Then you’ll get tired of it. So go ahead and snap away. And post those pics!

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