Chill Freshmeat!

18 09 2007

First thing first, Freshmeat has a girlfriend! whoopie! I was a little worried about him thinking this was gonna be a love connection time between us. Never gonna happen…and I mean never. Why? Well besides the fact that the kid doesn’t play second-fiddle, I am constantly turned off by his arrogance. And it’s arrogance mixed with ignorance which is a horrible combination. Like today in our orientation, the prof brings up the war. We’re the only 2 Americans. I’m keeping my mouth closed because there is nothing you can say to justify the slaughter of thousands of British troops. But not Freshmeat! He talks, and talks and adds points and talks some more. Just shut up! That shit is SO not hot. I can’t stand people who can’t listen for talking, and that’s what I feel he does.

On to more interesting things-I have not heard a word from JJ. No email. No text. No instant message. Nothing. I almost hope I meet someone here who is willing to give me some attention just so I won’t think of him. We’ll see how this goes. Freshmeat is not a candidate, neither is my roomie. His girlfriend is here. 😦 he’s a sweetheart though. And as cute as they come!

Stay tuned.




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