Angel of the North

19 09 2007

I finally ventured out beyond the confines of campus today. Lucky for me the weather was absolutely beautiful. I almost didn’t even need a jacket! I walked down to Eldon Square bus station to catch the bus to take me to the Angel of the North after a bit of window shopping near Haymarket. The Gateshead metro station is just a few stops from there. I thought there would be one bus terminal with the names easily seen. NOT! Buses were on both sides of the street and the numbers on the signs were so small I couldn’t read them til I walked all the way over to it. And there were more than 10 bus stops on this block. *sigh* I eventually found the one with the bus I needed (the #21) and hopped on.

The ride was great. I got to see all sorts of school uniforms and the outerlying areas of Newcastle. Did I mention that the weather was great? It was like spring in Atlanta with no humidity and a nice, calm breeze. Fantastic!

Angel of the North is the largest sculpture in Britain (the kind of public art that would make Dr. Newman proud!). It’s big and beautiful with wings that extend perfectly to either side. And it’s positioning makes it an easy photography subject-you can walk all the way around it and down the hills that surround it to photograph it from any angle. Pics are in the next post.

Listening to: Paolo Nutini – Last Request
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