Newcastle Nightlife!

20 09 2007

Everyone in my flat wanted to go out last night. We had a blast! We did lots of walking on the way to Chillingham WITH NO MAP but my first pub experience was nice. Much brighter than I expected and it closed at 11pm. 😦 Oh well. They were playing The Killers so I couldn’t really complain! I almost ordered a pint of Stella, but I can get that in the States! So I tried Miss Rosie’s Cloudy Cider. Interesting! I liked. We met a few more students. One was from Greece studying linguistics at Newcastle.

Then it was on to a “Spanish” party at The Venue though I heard no Spanish music there. Lots more fun there. I even ran into Will from GSU there.

I’ve put all of the “captions” for the pics at the bottom. I’m having a problem aligning them with the appropriate photo. Sorry.

1. Hannes (Germany), Yvonne (Germany), Ula (Poland, Kamila’s friend), Isabelle (France), Kamila (Poland). I’m sure I’ve mispelled a few names here.

2. Trying to find the way on an incomplete map!

3. Isabelle, Ula and Hannes

4. Yvonne, Kamila and moi

5. The pub

6. Hannes and moi before we tore the dance floor up!

7. Isabelle and moi. She’s actually close to 5’10” but she ducked down for me.

8. Free tequila shots. Before.

9. Free tequila shots. After.

10. Isabelle, me and their friend from UNN (forgot her name)

11. Kamila, Ula and another friend

12. Inyaki (Spain) and I. He met us there with his girlfriend. The only person we were missing was Thibault (France).

13. The party

14. Ula. Awww!

Listening to: The Killers – This River Is Wild
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