I’m so into rugby now

21 09 2007

Tonight, Isabelle, Yvonne, Hannes, Thibault and I went to a pub not far from our flat to watch the Ireland vs. France rugby match. This is the world cup of rugby…and I didn’t even know it existed until tonight. I know I asked Thibault 30 questions about rugby before and during the game and he was kind enough to explain certain things (5 points versus 3 points, stoppage of play, kicking versus throwing). I’m totally hooked. Rugby is like one constant adrenaline rush. It’s one long 75 yard kick return over and over. Imagine that! And the players are true athletes. They are constantly running and they DO NOT dress themselves in 30 pounds of padding. Rather, they MIGHT wear knee pads-no helmets, no neck braces, no shoulder pads. And they are huge! I remember seeing a few rugby players at the high performance center in South Africa but I was never able to see them play. Again, I’m so hooked! American football is resting after each “play”. There is no resting in rugby! None!! I love it! I’ll be keeping up with the rest of the world cup as it happens.

I will post more pics when I get them from Yvonne. My camera was dead…again!




One response

26 09 2007

Yowsa! Check out those thighs. I’m into rugby now too!

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