bulb. Bulb. BULLLLLLB!

22 09 2007

Today was another adventure. Thibault and I wanted lamps for our rooms because they get very dark in the evening. And what’s the best place to go for cheap lighting??? IKEA! I didn’t even know there was an Ikea (pronounced ee-KAY-uh by my French friends) in Newcastle. We had to take a few buses and pay more than we expected, but we made it there. We both found cheap lamps for under 5 pounds. Finding the right light bulbs was another story. That took quite a while, as it does in the Atlanta Ikea store too. *ahem*

I asked Silke (pronounced ZEAL-kuh) to help me find the bulbs. I had to explain to a few of them what a light bulb was. Then we started on the pronunciation! The “ulb” sound is so unfamiliar to them, as is the “th” sound to my French friends (Thursday is Fursday), and that back of the mouth “rr” sound is to me. They couldn’t say it, but they tried so hard! It was cute. Being here has made me increase my vocabulary. I’m regularly thinking of different, more common words to use to explain things. If only I would have waited to take that verbal section of the GRE. Surely I would do even better now! And when we don’t understand each other, hand gestures always work!!

On to the pics…

  • Behind our flat, Isabelle and Yvonne are working on their rugby techniques with old water bottles.
  • At Eldon Square, Thibault is silly, lots of people are around and we are lost AGAIN!
  • At City Centre shopping mall I see how much they love European football! There’s a whole store for it.
  • At Ikea, we relax on the sofas, take more pics and I find a vegetarian hot dog! It was VERY DELICIOUS! I will be going back for another. I mean, it was only 75pence!
  • At Silke’s flat, Hannes didn’t want to wash a cup so he used a measuring cup for Coke, we watch a show about Elton John, Kamila hangs out with another Northumbria student from Nepal and Silke loved to hear me say “bulb”!! The new French guys (Nicolas and Sebastian) couldn’t believe that in America we pay for drinks once and can get more and more without paying again. Free refills don’t register with them! Imagine what they would think about a buffet!
  • Lastly, the business school buildings are beautiful at night.




2 responses

23 09 2007

alright chica… don’t come back with a british accent! looks like you’re having fun!

26 09 2007

I’m listening to T.I. and OutKast every night to maintain my Southerness!!

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