A bit more of Newcastle

30 09 2007

So here are a few more pics from on and around campus, including the student union and the 2 bars (yes, bars!) that are on campus.

Today was more rugby. Woohoo!! Thibault, Christina (German), Isabelle, Hannes and I went to a nearby sports bar/cafe place to watch the France vs. Georgia game. France got down on GA, barely letting them score once! Ireland and Argentina played next. If Ireland had one, France would play a less formidable opponent in the next round of the Rugby World Cup. Since Argentina showed them who’s boss, France must now play New Zealand…and they are NO JOKE! I’m rooting for France because Thibault and Isabelle are French but secretly I want NZ to win! 😉

Tonight, Yvonne’s friend from school (Silke calle Yvonne YV, like “ee-vee”) came into town. We wanted to go out to have some nice British beer, so we went to The Gate, a sort of mall of clubs and restaurant near The Monument. I had my first whole Guinness pint (plus 1) and just chatted it up a bit. Fun times.

Listening to: Gorillaz – 5/4
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