A weekend away

7 10 2007

Mac UPDATE: The Mac is doing much better these days. I had to un-install and re-install my browser, just as a temporary fix. Safari worked fine when Firefox was acting a monkey. When I receive my original software disks from Atlanta, I will basically wipe my laptop clean, archive and move all of my files and re-install the entire operating system again.
Moving on to happier news…

Just outside of Newcastle are some of the best preserved portions of Hadrian’s Wall, built in 122AD by Emperor Hadrian. I went to see it on Saturday. To be honest, when I heard “Roman army” and “Newcastle”, I immediately wanted to see what it was just to have some connection to the movie 300. Just being honest!

It’s a site to see. At times, you are only feet away from free-grazing sheep and cows. No fences separate you at all. At other times, you are inches from piles of cow patties! Somewhere along the wall is a random tree that can be seen in the opening of “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves“. Much of that movie was filmed around Alnwick (pronounced ANN-ick), just outside of Newcastle. There was also a connection to “Braveheart“, but I don’t really remember it.

The area around it is challenging to HIKE in areas. I was expecting an easy walk. Negative. This was an unexpected work out. Whew! I’m really out of shape, and hours of unsteady rock and hillside showed me how badly I need to be in the gym. I’m working on it, alright?!?!?!? lol The serenity of the area (besides sheep) made it all worth it in the end.

On Sunday, we took a day trip to York. Again, the weather was beautiful! York is a very pretty town with a lot of old buildings. Most importantly, you can walk along the old city wall and visit the York Minster (cathedral). They were having a festival, too, so the streets were filled with musicians and shoppers and the air constantly smelled of chocolate. YUMMY!! The minster was the highlight of my trip. I’m learning that almost all European cities have very old cathedrals with some amazing history. The York minster is actually built on the grounds of an ancient Roman building. If you go to the undercroft (basement/crypt/treasury) of the church, you will see original Roman paintings, sections of roads, and walls of the building that stood there 2000 years ago. Amazing indeed.




3 responses

10 10 2007

and… why are you the only one walking the wall looking like the abominable snowman?!!?!-lol.

10 10 2007

1st- I love that you post so many pics.

2nd- did you get some peppermint patties???

10 10 2007

steph-they told me it was gonna be cold. it was boderline hot! I was so unprepared for the weather…had on tennis shoes instead of timberlands. it was a mess.

And…no. 😦 lol

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