Hey Mr. DJ!

9 10 2007

Kamila heard that DJ Kentaro was performing a set in Newcastle at WHQ (World Headquarters). I’d never heard of Kentaro, but any and every DJ “set” I’ve ever gone too has not been disappointing. I always have a great time, no matter who I’m with or where I am…so we got tickets at RPM, a great music store (where the owner is going to specially order Esthero’s “Breathe from Another” since I’ve lost my second copy and can’t find it anywhere despite what Amazon would have you to believe) and planned to go. We got there extra early! I mean, doors opened at 10:30 and we had to wait for the doors to open. We didn’t exactly know where we were going, so we gave ourselves a lot of extra time to get there.

Now, how did I know I was going to love this place?
1. It was in a place called “The Curtis Mayfield House”!
2. It wasn’t on the strip around all the other popular spots.
3. There are pictures of Nelson Mandela and Aretha Franklin on the walls.
4. The restroom was EXTRA clean!
5. There were “mantras” everywhere about love, peace and unity.
6. They had PE and DMC vinyl on the wall of the DJ booth. And lastly,
7. They had Red Stripe!

He hung with us all night.

Crazy photographer!

Kentaro is a great technical DJ. He mixed, faded and blended beats and songs with the rhythm uninterrupted. I found a bunch of clips of him on youtube.

I have crazy respect for the guy now. He did 2 of the longest encores I’ve ever witnessed…like 30 minutes each. So, I’d consider it a good £5 investment. It was just nice to see turntables, vinyl and a DJ in a baseball cap again! Kamila and I both had a really, really good time.

On the horizon…Rahzel on Sunday!




2 responses

10 10 2007

i soooo coulda made you SEVERAL copies of that cd and strategically placed them at your house for you, as well as mailed you some! how much is that special copy running you? is esthero going back to the studio to re-record it for you?!?!-lol

10 10 2007

i know, i know, but it’s only £6 and no shipping fees or taxes. i wish she WOULD go back to the studio. man i love that album…

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