Yorkers and the woes

13 10 2007

My favorite girls from York (Charlotte and Rachel) invited us all over to their place for a house party on Wednesday. We’d been trying to work this out for a few weeks! The trusty map wasn’t left at home-it goes with us everywhere. We get to the flat and notice…a birthday cake? It’s someone’s birthday?? YEP!! I felt SO BAD. It was their flat-mate’s birthday celebration and all these int’l folks showed up with no gifts, cards or money to give. Oh well…

All the non-natives hung out in the kitchen, where the food and beer was! 🙂 No drinks for me for one week ’til the medicine is finished.

Marcin & Nicolas

Yvonne and I

Thibault & Hannes

Isabelle, Sebastian & Nicolas (The French crew!)

Thibault, Isabelle, Marcin, Nicolas & Sebastian

The view from above

Nicolas & Marcin

Me & Christina (my favorite bike-ridin’ German girl!)

A few cool English folks mingled with us. Katie (in b&w) is super-cool!

Christina & Nicolas

Meanwhile, I checked the account statement today. I’m officially on a STRICT budget. My goodness. That doggone exchange rate is killing me. So, it’s PB&J with rice and beans for the remainder of my stay! I’ve got to cut costs to survive, starting with the £2.29 Tropicana orange juice I was buying every week. That’s $5! AAAAARRRGHHH!!

The last trip will be a 3-day tour of the Scottish Highlands next weekend with a Rabbies Trail Burners. I’m very, very excited about it. I understand that the highlands are incredibly beautiful and must be seen once in a lifetime (I kinda made that part up). I’ll be able to see the Isle of Sky, Glencoe, Loch Ness (and maybe the Loch Ness monster), Eilean Donan Castle and the 5 Sisters of Kintail.

Unfortunately, London is ridiculously expensive and I won’t be able to make it there while I’m here unless someone I know is coming and I can stay with them. Hostels there run £50/night ($100+) and many hotels exceed £400/night. That’s just not even an option for me.

Oh yeah, congrats to Al Gore (as if he reads my blog). That’s all for now.




2 responses

13 10 2007

you look so pretty in these pics! great colors for you!

13 10 2007

hi kim :d

send me your pictures from that party, please :d

thank you

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