I LOVE hip-hop

15 10 2007

Tonight was an amazing night! Kamila and I had tickets to see Rahzel with DJ JS-1 and Supernatural at The Life Center. There were a few problems in the beginning: apparently the show time had been changed from 8pm to about 10pm, and Supernatural had something to come up that prevented him from performing. It didn’t hurt the show (no offense to him)!

The Life Center sign at night

To kill some time before it started, we went to a pub right across the street to just hang out. It’s called The Dog and Parrot! They had the rugby match on, but they were playing some old Detroit Motown soul music when we entered. I LOVED it! There was an electronic jukebox with hundreds of artist and song choices and the folks seemed to like old-school R&B. No complaints. Kamila and I think we might go back there just to hang out.

Jimi Hendrix hung out here a few decades ago

Then it was on to the venue for the show. When we got there, there was hardly anyone there. It was over an hour before people really started arriving, but the DJ was playing some nice 90s rap, so Kamila and I were fine just listening to the music. Finally, I saw Rahzel out the corner of my eye walk into the place. Then DJ JS-1 came on stage for a short show-short, but very nice. Even with the show started, the crowd wasn’t thick at all. I didn’t care; I was right up front, as usual!

I really can’t say much about Rahzel. I mean, I just don’t understand how he makes 4 sounds with his mouth at one time. I don’t get it, but he’s great at it. His set was awesome. He talked to the crowd a lot, making crazy jokes, high-fiving the drunk folks and schooling a young kid on dreadlocs vs. Rastafarianism vs. reggae music.

JS1 doing some crazy things!


Those are my feet and that’s the stage a few inches in front.

He thought he knew reggae. Right!

Singin’ “If you’re mother only knew”!

Had to let you see the pants! With Air Force Ones!

She was so embarrassed

Getting love from Newcastle

I got the first rose! 🙂

After his set, he and JS1 signed lots of autographs, took pictures and really just hung out with the people. Rahzel knew I was from Atlanta (because I always make it crystal clear!) and told me that Ramona DeBreaux is his cousin. Who knew??? And when did she start singing?

Fresh sweat after a great show.

Signing autographs

JS1 evens put a smiley face on his autographs!

Kamila had a great time.

Both of them were the coolest people ever. They were really humble and thankful and accommodating and polite. I was a fan before, but now I have tons more respect for them as people.




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