A Scottish weekend-day 1

22 10 2007

This weekend, I was able to take a 3 day trip through Scotland, including many of its famous lochs, many not-so-famous brochs and beaches, and lots of hills and mountains in the highlands. I won’t even attempt to describe it’s beauty in words-it would do it absolutely no justice! Just have a look…

We took an early bus from Newcastle to Edinburgh, Scotland to meet the tour guide at their offices. We only saw the city for an hour, but it seems like a great city-lots of old buildings, a castle right in the center, lots of cafes and small restaurants (we had the best “sopa de tortilla” at Viva Mexico when we got back!). I got my first glimpse of men in kilts! Ross, the guide, showed us where we were and where we were going on a map in the van. It was a small group of only 12 people. He always gave loads of information about the region and played some authentic Celtic music. Fun times!


The first stop (Isabelle, Steffi (German) and I)

13th century feudal castle

Highland cattle in Callendar. Callendar town is “new” at 150 years old

The Cuillen mountains are geologically the oldest mountains in the world

What we call “scotch” they call “whiskey” or “scotch whiskey”…and it’s NASTY! But you can’t be mad at free samples, right? 🙂

Eilen Donan castle from afar…I think. My notes are sketchy.

Inverlochy Castle ruins

The hostel was nice and roomy. Isabelle and I were both under the weather for much of the trip.

Bank of Scotland pounds

The carnival! It was just across from the hostel. Couldn’t miss that, right?




2 responses

24 10 2007

those cattle are cute and really funny looking. do they drink their milk or eat them?

24 10 2007

I don’t know about the milk, but I was told they get some good burgers from them.

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