A Scottish weekend-day 2

23 10 2007

After breakfast at the hostel (which had a fantastic view of the sun rising behind the mountains), we were picked up for another day of touring. We went to Glen Brittle, a few different beaches, heard lots of Gaelic music, went to Sligachan, all while traveling on very remote single-lane roads. We even had to pause a few times to wait for Highland cattle and sheep to cross the road. We spent much of the day exploring the Isle of Skye and all of its “wings”. Here’s a map of the island and of all of Scotland. Click on it for a better view. Our hostel was in Portree, a quaint little waterfront town with one main street, a few pubs, several B&Bs and some nice bakeries.

Day 2

Right outside of the hostel I spotted a rabbit

On the Isle of Skye. Sunrise in the mountains

A nice walk on the beach

Dun Beag broch is over 2200 years old

More furry Highland Cattle

More of the highlands

A natural, unspoiled waterfall

Coral Beach

There isn’t sand on Coral Beach. Rather, the seaweed gets encrusted with something (I forgot what) and the little pieces break off and wash ashore. From far away, it looks like a sandy beach. Up close, you see it’s not exactly what you thought! Very interesting. *Click on the picture for a closer look*

Kilt Rock and another waterfall. Named so because it resembles the pleats in a kilt. We were pretty high in altitude and it was very cold and windy. Glad I got that new coat!!!




One response

25 10 2007

Thanks for sharing these Scottish pictures! It looks like you had a great time. It’s really pretty — now I want to go to Scotland…

I love those big doggies — I would probably try to bring one home. Oh wait, dogs don’t have horns.

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