A Scottish weekend-day 3

23 10 2007

For the last day of our trip, we spent a little more time on the Isle before heading to the mainland. We visited the Eilen Donan castle and Loch Ness, stopped in the city of Pitlochery (where I got some of the best fries/chips I’ve ever had!), saw a WWII memorial for Scottish soldiers and enjoyed more of the scenic views on the way back to Edinburgh. Ross played some more contemporary Scottish music and some Jack Johnson. I was hoping he’d put on some Paolo Nutini but it didn’t happen. Oh well! Paolo’s from Paisley, Scotland and we didn’t quite make it there.

Day 3

Saying “goodbye” to Portree and the hostel

Loch Alsh and Eilean Donan castle

A quick break after the castle before reaching Loch Ness

Neptune’s staircase and Loch Ness. I didn’t spot any monsters, though I did see some pretty waterfowl.

Pitlochry. I was too busy trying to get those fries to take any pictures.

A little more of the highlands

Scottish WWII memorial

And then it was over. The weekend went by so quickly. I had a wonderful time and I hope to make it back to Scotland sooner than later. There’s so much unspoiled nature, so much variation in landscape, so few major roads that it seems like a great place to get away from urban life for a week or so. And all of the locals were extremely helpful and friendly. Man, I’m gonna miss Portree!

Now I have to nurse this cough I’ve had for 11 days. 😦




3 responses

24 10 2007

waterfowl?!?!?! you mean ducks and geese???

24 10 2007

I didn’t know if it was a duck or a goose or a swan. So I looked in my handy dandy thesaurus and found WATERFOWL! I thought it was cute.

24 10 2007

very cool!

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