Music is a universal language

23 10 2007

I love many different kinds of music and I’m always down for getting exposed to new/different sounds. So I’ll share some of my favorites and you’ll share some of yours…PLEASE! It was hard for me to narrow it down to 7; I wasn’t always successful. Don’t feel constricted by this. Add however many (more or less) you want. It’s much appreciated! Here are my faves:

7 albums I can’t live without
– Donny Hathaway “Extension of a Man”
– Radiohead “OK Computer”
– Jill Scott “Words and Sounds Volume 1”
– Gorillaz “Gorillaz”
– OutKast “Aquemini”
– Stevie Wonder “Innervisions”
– Michael Jackson “Thriller”

7 artists whose next album I’m ready for
– Maxwell
– The Hot Boys
– Bilal
– Anita Baker
– Nas
– Goodie MoB
– PM Dawn (don’t front)

7 favorite songs
– Pharcyde “Passin’ Me By”
– Donny Hathaway “Some day we’ll all be free”
– OutKast “Humble Mumble”
– OutKast “Git Up, Git Out”
– Goodie MoB “Free”
– Eric Clapton “Tears in Heaven”
– LTD “Love Ballad”
– Prince “Adore”

7 secret favorite artists (few people know how much I like them)
– Michael Bublé
– Yanni
– Daughtry
– MTB4 (Making the Band 4-I just love that song “Exclusive”)
– Eric Clapton
– Evanescence
– Paolo Nutini

7 albums/artists I feel have been overlooked
– Esthero
– Chrisette Michelle
– Groove Theory/Amel Larrieux
– Bill Withers (he’s more than 2 good songs)
– Strange Fruit Project
– Heltah Skeltah
– Rachid

Favorites honorable mention: Witch Doctor, John Legend, Little Brother, Aerosmith, Cream, James Morrison, Fiona Apple, Mista, Wu-Tang, T.I., EWF, …I know I’m forgetting someone important. Oh well!

Isn’t it great how there’s music to go with any/every mood you can be in? How songwriters can record thoughts so similar to your own? How watching your favorite evolve over years is like watching a child grow up? How good music transcends all kinds of boundaries? Donny Hathaway said “music is a universal language and love is the key”. I agree.




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