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28 10 2007

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Things have been kinda slow lately-no recent concerts, no major parties, England lost the Rugby World Cup and school’s picking up. Maybe I’ll just tell you a little more about Newcastle.

The good
Walking-Newcastle is a great city! I love it more everyday. My school (uni) is close to the city center, so walking to shops and pubs is never a problem. Many of the streets in the city center have 3 or 4 times more pedestrian space than vehicle space. I definitely want to live in a place where walking to shopping an eating is a realistic option, for lots of reasons. It’s extremely convenient, most of all.

The library-Northumbria University’s library is one of the most user-friendly libraries I’ve ever been to. It’s 6 floors with working elevators (hint hint GSU) and each floor is color-coded to match the layouts that are displayed throughout, so it’s hard to get lost. There are lots of tables for studying, computers on almost every floor, a supply store for students (HINT HINT GSU!) and vending machines in the lounge on the bottom floor. It’s great. On of my biggest peeves with GSU’s library is that you have to walk a bit outside of the library if you need an eraser or a drink.
Oh, and the self check-out/check-in stations here are so easy to use.
AND they email you when your books are almost due.

Fashion-No, I’m not a fashionista, but I still appreciate cute clothes. And the girls here dress really cute ALL THE TIME! It’s cool here, you know, and they wear their mini-skirts and hotpants daily. The weather doesn’t bother them. And the guys are used to it-they don’t break their necks looking at their butts! What I like most is that the ladies wear tights a lot…and it’s so cute! Even business folks wear tailored skirt suits with patterned tights. It really gives the outfit a little pizazz. They also wear these “Jesus Loves You” belts all the time (girls and boys). Can’t say I’m a fan of it, but it’s what the kids like!

Kids-I can’t prove that English kids are smarter than American kids, but they sound smarter when they speak! It’s just the accent, I know. Also, these bundleme blankets seem to be all the rage. They’re so cute and lots of moms have them.

Used Music-There are tons of music shops within walking distance of my flat. Most of them sell vinyl and CDs and most of those sell used music. I’ve found some nice albums for £3. On the weekends, there’s a flea market at one of the metro stations with even more used music.

Weather-I was expecting near-blizzard coldness by now, but the weather’s been really nice. It’s often cloudy and it can get cold at times, but it hasn’t been extremely cold yet. And it hasn’t rained a lot. Last night, for example, I went out with only a short-sleeved top, a denim jacket and a scarf. It was very mild with a nice breeze. I’m bracing myself for the bad stuff because i know it’s coming!

The bad
So…everything/place has pluses and minuses. The downside to Newcastle for me is the FIRE ALARMS!! I live in student accommodations on campus. Each flat has heat detectors in the kitchen and smoke detectors in the rooms. If you cook anything (even burn toast) without the heat extractor on the alarm sounds…and everyone has to leave the building. Even more, the fire brigade comes and the responsible person gets fined £300 per truck that comes; 3 usually come. So cooking without the fan costs you £900, or over $1800. You’d think folks would learn, but we’ve had 4 alarms in the last 5 or 6 days.

…and the exchange rate is bad too, but what’s new.

The Ugly
This one thing just makes absolutely no sense to me. The girls here tan their legs. Really! I mean, it’s the north of England and it’s cloudy everyday. Yet, their legs always look as if they’ve just returned from Costa Rica. And i know this because they always wear mini-skirts and hotpants! It’s just weird to me. It’s just the constant nakedness that’s really hard for me to understand.




One response

11 11 2007

LOL @ The Ugly!
Girls ‘up north’ are well known for wearing next to nothing in freezing cold conditions.

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