The Joy of Cooking

31 10 2007

One great advantage of being around people from different countries is the food! Everyone has favorite foods from their home that they make here. For example, Kamila LOVES vegetables. She boils them and then cooks them with a few eggs for breakfast. She makes veggies with rice and basil for dinner. A few days ago, she prepared a baked dish with rice, cinnamon and apples. It smelled just like apple pie! Yvonne and Hannes like cream cheese with veggies and bread. Yvonne has also eaten lox (salmon) on toasted brown bread (it’s denser than normal wheat bread) with cream cheese. Thibault seems to be a fan of frozen pizzas, curried shrimp with rice, and canned hot dogs.

However, I think Iñaki and I are the only ones who appreciate the goodness of oily food! He’s prepared bacon-wrapped dates and many “tortilla des patatas” since we’ve been here.

From Wikipedia

A few days ago, he fried diced potatoes with sliced peppers and bacon. I tasted a few small chunks of potato and loved it. It was so delicious! I decided then that I would attempt to make my own version of the dish.

Fast forward to today-I woke up extra early and had breakfast, so around 12:30 I was hungry. I “borrowed” 2 potatoes from Iñaki and diced them, chopped 3 button mushrooms, half a medium-sized zucchini, 1/4 of a large onion and one clove of garlic. I was very ambitious. I prepared a pot of rice just in case the potato dish went dud.

I had to use A LOT of oil; there has to be about a quarter of an inch in the pan (hot) before you add the potatoes…then you just stir and stir and stir so that they don’t stick together. Once they were brown and crispy, I turned the burner off, transferred some of the oil to a new pan and removed the potatoes from the oil. Then, I sauteed my other veggies until the color seemed right (I didn’t know what to use to gauge (sp?) done-ness) and added the cooled-off potatoes to the new pan for a few more minutes of cooking. The smell alone was incredible! Yummy. Iñaki tasted it before I did and really liked it. He’d never tried it with zucchini and mushrooms before and he thinks he’ll prepare it my way next time. I chose to capture the masterpiece in pictures before I consumed it. 🙂

Here it is, my Spanish-inspired veggie hash:

Next time, I’ll tell you about the tomato sauce that Yvonne taught me how to make. No more Ragu for me!




3 responses

1 11 2007
Earl Grey

I can ensure that the Spanish-inspired veggie hash of little Kim was really amazing!!


Hope to eat it again!! 😉

4 11 2007

fried potatoes go good with anything! yum!

5 11 2007

look at you!!! that looks like a meal from Thumbs Up or Flying Biscuit! you’ve got to make it when you come home!

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