11 11 2007

I must admit, I forgot about this blog. I do apologize for abandoning you. The problem is that when I established this account, I was logged into the “dummy” gmail account I got just so my mom and I could chat while I was overseas. I NEVER check it. Oops. I blog more regularly on my primary blog page about school and traveling. Of course there are pics of my face there and since my hair is attached to my face, if you wanna see my hair you could always go there! Me so silly.

Anyway, enough with the ramblings. Here are some pics of me and the hair since July 4. I’ve been good about getting it done every 6 weeks. I have plans to take the re-tightening class in January or February with my consultant, Calla Johnson.

After a long, hard day of working at the unpaid (but rewarding) nonprofit internship.

Trying to show some cleavage. You usually have to pay extra for that.
Judging by the way my hair is falling on my neck, I’m guessing that this isn’t long after a re-tightening.

August (the beginning of the celebrations)
Getting for a bridal party dinner. Always the bridesmaid…

Wedding day. All kinds of cuteness! Who’s that girl?

The bridal party. Sisterlocks, traditional locks, relaxers and a fade!

A week or so later, celebrating one of the bridesmaids’ birthday. It was an all white party. Only the birthday girl can wear purple to an all white affair!

Celebrating a sorority sister’s birthday (on the far right) with another Soror. This picture is absolutely fabulous…don’t even try to tell me otherwise!

Then it was my turn to celebrate a birthday. Here I am with a fellow Jubilee Scholar from Dillard University. Funny story: we initially met in the honors program at Fair Dillard, reconnected at a church in Atlanta, we both ended up graduating from universities in Atlanta (Tech and State), we both studied abroad in Europe, we both have masters degrees in policy (MPP and MPA) and we’re both Sisterlocked now. Kindred spirits, huh?

And then a few weeks later, I went to celebrate motherhood with my big SiSTAR! I missed the Atlanta SL gathering for her.

On Sesame Street (The Children’s Museum. One of my many jobs I’m keeping until I accept the responsibilities of adulthood…or a doctoral program!)

Off to Europe (Sept.13)
Now I’m in Europe for school until Christmas. I’d planned to travel to London around the end of October to get the do done, but the exchange rate is horrible. It would cost me £75 which is around $150. Plus, I would have to get a train (£94, $198) or bus (£28, $56) ticket to get there. Then I’d have to find a cheap place to stay. The hostels I contacted ran £30, $60 a night. Even if I did have the money, I don’t think I’d willingly pay that when I can pay $75 when I get home. There was even a kind SLd sister who offered to let me sleep on her sofa. I appreciated her kindness, but I declined. She totally understood. The hair will wait ’til I get home. Besides, no one here (Newcastle upon Tyne) knows what SLs are SUPPOSED to look like, so they won’t trip!

Here I am with my flat-mates around town. I seem to wear green and red a lot.
This is Isabelle from France.

Isabelle again.

Kamila is Polish. She loves “black music” and the two of us are going to Manchester soon to see Jill Scott live!

Yvonne is German

Here I am fresh out of the shower. I can tell by the way my skin looks and how my hair is falling. I love the shower do!


I took some pics of my hair today, thinking it would look a mess since it hasn’t been done since September 13th, but I absolutely love the way it look! I can really tell that it’s getting thicker and maturing…and growing fast! I mean, you have the same hair everyday. One day you wake up and it’s long enough for you to chew on!

The Mac refuses to rotate these. Tilt to the left. I took them with my point-and-shoot with the flash off because even a soft flash in these tight quarters is unflattering.

See what I mean. There’s a huge shadow on the wall and my skin looks 50 shades of brown. Ugh. Flash off again. Tilt to the left.

Chewing on my locs. Who knew this would be possible so soon? Tilt to the left!

Here were are in all our un-flashed glory.

The ones in the back always draw up soon after they’re re-tightened. I think that’s why I don’t easily notice the growth. The same was true when I wore 2-strand twists. I always took pics right after I got my hair done just to capture the length in photo. After i took a shower…it shriveled right on up!

Here, I tried to reach behind and hold one in the back to show the length. The arms are a bit rusty and the hair isn’t quite that long so it didn’t work. That’s why a few in the kitchen look longer than the others.

Flashback to October 2005
I always think about my hair back in Fall 2005 for growth inspiration. I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but this is when my natural hair was its longest. At the beginning of 2006, after I couldn’t get in touch with my hairdresser or any other natural stylists I knew, I got it straightened. So much broke off. It was horrible. I had to get it done because I’d just gotten a new FT job (which I’ve since quit) and wanted to make a good impression. If I could do that one over…

Back to October 2007
While I’ve been here, I’ve really been slacking on washing my hair for a number of reasons. First, someone always helps me put it in 16 braids. Second, I don’t wanna band it alone. Third, if I were to band it, I don’t wanna explain to my 6 non-native English speaking flat-mates what’s going on. I mean, it’s enough to explain it to folks at home. To have to tell 2 Germans, 2 French and a
Polish person why I look like Medusa/Celie… Ugh. Just the thought of it tires me out! So, I’ve been doing a lot of gentle rinsing without bands. And I’m only doing that if I put on my night clothes and still smell the food I was cooking on me. Sue me!!
I’ll try to post more frequently!




3 responses

11 11 2007

Yay! I love these photos — you’re so adorable, like your personality comes right through the screen. You hair looks great too.

12 11 2007

Hi yah, I had to sign your blog, i absolutely love your locs they have come a LONG way (in a good way) and they have soo much personality, which fits your happy personality…CUTE, CUTE , CUTE


20 11 2007

Thanks! I’m telling myself that I must post more to document these changes. I’m gonna do better.

Y’all come back now, ya’ hear? lol

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