There they go

16 11 2007

I’ve had a few locs exhibit this problem:

Anyone else had this problem?
They’ve apparently had some extreme slippage very early on. They’re locked at the roots and I can tell that it’s been re-tightened several times. But these little annoying balls are at the ends. And the hair above the balls is very thin, more thin than other locks. I knew they would eventually break off because this isn’t the first time it’s happened. I’m impatient. So…there they go.

Sue me!! Just another chapter in the saga!

Oh, and since I turned that last assignment in at 4am, I will now only answer to “*Coop*, MPA”. Nothing else will do!

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3 12 2007

What’s going on young lady? Your hair is looking mighty fine, mighty fine. How long have you had ’em now? And yes, I had the same thing happen, to a few in the back. Even after 2.5 years, it’s locked now, but much shorter than the rest ’cause I kept having serious issues. Just give it some time, it will eventually behave and do what it’s supposed to do. Where the other locs may exhibit some of the same characteristics (I’m speaking of those with the balls on the end) try to leave them be. I know this is hard cause I pulled off a couple and they are not sealed on the ends. It’s annoying and all, but try not to let your hands drift to that part of your hair. Some of them are looney like that. Who maintains ’em? So when you plan on visiting your boy Mose? You should check me out so we can compare hair stories!

5 12 2007

All is well with me! I will have my one year anniversary the first week of February. They’ve definitely matured since the beginning, but I am anxious for some more substantial maturity. I know, I know…gotta be patient. I have a problem with keeping my hands out of my hair. It’s like a nervous habit I’ve had for years, but it didn’t cause any issues before getting SLs.
I didn’t know the balls needed to stay, so thanks for that tidbit if info. I’ll try my hardest.
Calla Johnson did my installation and does my maintenance. I’m planning to take the re-tightening course with her in February so I can do it myself after (or show my mother how to do it!).
I’m out of the country now, but I’m sure I’ll see MJ over the holiday. Maybe next term I’ll stop by to see your hair! Your color is amazing! I went to their website: do they color relaxed hair too? I think my mother might be interested.

10 12 2007


Your hair looks adorable even when it is overdue for a retightening. No it does not look like a jerri curl!!! *smile*

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