Happy birthday, Yvonne!!

17 11 2007

Well, the 17th was Yvonne’s birthday. We had a nice party at the flat; a bazillion people came through and stayed until after 4am! Lots of pics. Happy birthday Yvonne! Keep reading for pics.
Yvonne and I



Isabelle, proving that she’s the tallest girl in the flat. I’m the shortest, of course.


Christina and Kamila

Sina (ZEE-na) and I


Nicolas, Marcin, Sebastian, Nicolas. 2 guys names Nicolas and they’re both French.

Nicolas making a silly face behind me.

Sina and Yvonne.


Isabelle and I

Rachel and I

Yvonne and her Wentworth Miller calendar. She’s a fan of Prison Break!

The crowd

Yvonne and her Newcastle United scarf.

More of the crowd.

Nicolas and Sebastian

That would be me.

The crowd again.

The beer.

Manuel wishing Yvonne a happy birthday

Inaki joined us when he got off work


Marcin, Nicolas and Sebastian

Inaki and I, playing DJ

Sina, Rachel and I

Christina, Nicolas and Yvonne


The best picture of all 7 of the residents of Flat D21, Lovaine.

The spread

Wasn’t my idea.


I don’t know



Rachel and Yasin

Fun times.
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