See Jill. Jill is pretty. Jill sings well. Go Jill, go!

19 11 2007

There are very few people and things in this world I am willing to stand in the rain in 30-something degree weather for. Jill Scott, MARTA and Krispy Kreme donuts are the only ones I can name now.

This was our day:

7am: Board bus in Newcastle
Noon: arrive in Manchester
12:30ish: Check in at hostel
1pmish: Look at ice skaters near Piccadilly Circus
1:30ish: Go to venue-venue is closed
1:50ish: Go to McDonald’s for fries and coffe
Bo back to venue-still closed
Go to park near venue
Go back to venue-still closed
3pmish: Go to museum
Go back to venue-still closed
Go back to McDonald’s for more fries
Go back to venue-STILL closed
5:20ish: Go to coffee shop across the street from venue
6pm: Go back to venue-still closed
Wait outside the venue in the rain.
6:05: The Dans arrive. 2 young guys from Newcastle. We chatted lots while waiting.
7pm: Go inside venue. Small and standing only like The Tabernacle or The Roxy.
8:35: Jill comes on stage. Concert begins

We were explicitly told repeatedly that no photography would be allowed. If anyone was seen taking pics or video, the concert would end immediately. I wasn’t trying to take a chance, so I have no pics from the show. 😦 She was amazing! We were in the front row, of course. Her voice was perfect. She looked beautiful. The band was awesome. It’s hard to describe exactly how good she is. I’ve seen her 2 (or maybe 3) times live now. She’s never disappointed me. So this is what she sang, not in order:

Vol. 1
A Long Walk (crowd went crazy!), The Way (griiiiiiiiits)

Vol. 2
Golden, Whatever, Cross My Mind, Not Like Crazy (I think?)

Vol. 3
Let It Be, The Real Thing, Hate On Me, Crown Royal, Epiphany (wow!), My Love, How It Make You Feel, Whenever You’re Around, Celibacy Blues (had it sounding like Suge’s Juke Joint!!!), All I,

Encore 1
Go-Go Themed: It’s Love (vol.1) and…

Encore 2
He Loves Me. I went crazy! She always freaks the ending differently. She sounds like she should be performing in an opera house. Her voice is sick!

Encore 3
A new song that’s not on the album. Very inspirational. The crowd sang a lot. It definitely touched me. I teared up!

I’m sure I’ve left something off the list. She also had lots of stories and anecdotes between songs. If she’s gonna be near your hometown any time soon, I would highly recommend going to see her. If she’s in Atlanta in 2008, believe I’ll be there again.

The pictures won’t rotate, but here are a few anyway:
Ice skating

The random park

An exhibit at the museum we visited

Waiting outside

The Dans (Dan W and Dan O…I think)

Leaving the concert.

The hostel

A wall in the hostel

The restroom entrance in the bus station.




2 responses

20 11 2007

I’ve seen Jilly from philly a couple of times myself. She is the best! I’ll def try to catch her in ’08.

20 11 2007

dude, enjoy yourself while you can b/c you’re gonna be so disappointed when you come back to the states and have to work. looks like you’re livin it up! and epiphany, crown royal, and whenever you’re around are my favs from the js cd.

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