Wanna know how to piss me off?

22 11 2007

When you believe you’re the smartest person, you don’t think you have anything else to learn. Why learn when you already know it all, right? This philosophy is so detrimental.

Just a little background on me: I earned my bachelors degree with a double major in economics and sociology in 2004. My area of concentration was business policy analysis. I’ve just completed the requirements for my master’s degree in public administration with a concentration in non-profit management. I was one class short of a secondary concentration in disaster management. I am 25 years old. I abhor know-it-alls.

I’ll make this short and say that you shouldn’t try to go toe-to-toe with me on economic principles if you majored in history. Seriously.
You shouldn’t try to prove a point to me about the disaster response to Katrina if you’re only experience with New Orleans is magazines and music, and your experience with disaster relief and management is articles written after 2005. Don’t try me, dude. Purely emotional connections don’t make you more adept at discussing it.
I’m not an expert and I’m not claiming to be anything close to it…but during the same 4 years of our lives, I studied economic, sociological and socio-economic theory and you studied history. You really wanna argue with me about competitive markets and monopolies in America? Really? Whatever.

I’m not the one you need to try to flex your underdeveloped educational muscle in front of. Save it for your job interview.




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