It’s time to let go

23 11 2007

They were wet for like 3 days in a row. I’m worried that they’re mildewed. They’re not stinkier than normal though. Man, I love my shoes. But I might have to upgrade to a new pair at year’s end.

We’ve had some good times. 11 years worth of good times. I’m getting really emotional!




4 responses

23 11 2007

Imma hafta agree with you Princess. It just might be time. LOL!

24 11 2007

please…PLEASE… tell me you haven’t had those for 11 years!!! they look totally disgusting! i’ma need you to start a “kim’s converse” fund and i’ll definitely donate $5 a month to the cause.

26 09 2009
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16 03 2010
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