Confessions part II

29 11 2007

Taking a cue from Creole’s recent post, here’s a little more I need to get off my chest. Read the first part here.

  1. Even though 85% of my diet is vegan and I’ve been strictly veg for a while now, I can not stop eating Chicken flavored ramen noodles
  2. The first hug I received in England was from the “free hugs” guy in Hyde Park
  3. I spend half my day resenting my dad, and the other half planning to visit him again
  4. When good things happen to me, I attribute them to my grandmother more than God
  5. I can not date someone who doesn’t like OutKast. Not an option
  6. I don’t tell my mom that I love her often
  7. I’m afraid of having children because I don’t want them to be like me
  8. My glasses are 60% fashion, 40% function
  9. I often think I will die before I turn 40. No, I’m not sick.
  10. I resent the Black church and what it now stands for (but I respect the Bible as holy and sacred and I read “my utmost for his highest” regularly).  It’s pimping poor people.
  11. I haven’t washed my bed sheets yet
  12. I really don’t have a life plan. I just pretend to have one when people ask
  13. I worry about getting fat
  14. I’m horrible at public speaking
  15. I often pretend to be interviewed by Oprah
  16. I’m not afraid of being alone. Just afraid of being lonely.
  17. I am incredibly fearful of failing, which is why I often stop short of even trying.
  18. I’m allergic to cockroaches.
  19. I have a serious, serious crush on John Mayer.
  20. I would sell my soul for one more day with my grandparents.



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