Life will never be fair

29 11 2007


I work my butt off, at jobs, for organizations in school. I try to be a good person, and I’m pretty much successful at that (it’s up for debate). I am cute in my own book. I have passion. I might not always give 110% but you’ll always get an effort.

So when I look online and see MonkeyFathers like Paris Hilton, I get pissed. Chick has never done anything to warrant fame and fortune. Chick ain’t educated. Chick has never struggled. But here I sit, a graduate student, first in the family to ear ANY degree with only 2 pounds in my pocket, a cupboard full of rice and canned carrots and 3 weeks until I go home.

I’m allowed to be annoyed, both at people like PH and at myself. I could be somewhere else now, but I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I’ve had this term. Today I’m just having a really hard time swallowing my seemingly struggle for naught and her struggle for nothing.

I’m trying to stay hopeful…and I will be better in a few hours. Now, I’m irritated. Oh, and I had to give a presentation ALONE because arrogant freshmeat didn’t want to be bothered. Morehouse men, I tell you.

Give me 20 minutes. I’ll be alright.




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