Public speaking. Yikes!

29 11 2007

For as long as I can remember, I have been terrified of speaking in front of people. I often try to find ways to finagle my way out of speaking responsibilities. In my undergraduate public speaking course, I earned a C because of this…a C in a freshman-level course! That was a bit embarrassing, but the teacher didn’t understand my fear. I mean, whenever I have to speak, my hands sweat, my voice trembles, I talk 6 times faster than necessary and I fidget. I hate it.

So what’s the point, you ask? Well, today I have to give a short (10-20 minute) presentation in front of history and politics students about the exchange program I’m currently participating in. Basically, it’s a recruitment session. I haven’t started my powerpoint and it’s 10am here. The presentation is at 1. I’m so nervous.

I’d really hoped to be over this fear by now. It’s crippling.




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