The case for blogging

29 11 2007

I blog.  I love to blog.  I love to write about unimportant events in my life.  I love to read about the same in other people’s lives.  I love blogland.

But my closest circle of folks don’t blog!  Why?  A few of them may occasionally wax prose on MySpace.  That may account for 8 posts in the last 2 years.  For one’s birthday, she posted regularly as a countdown.  They don’t blog.  And I don’t understand why.

Before I left to come to England, they all (every single one of them) asked me if I would keep pics and such on my blog.  So, it’s alright for me to take time to blog, but not you?  Negative people!  Even my family-members, I can’t think of one of them who blogs.  What’s the problem people?

I think folks think they have to have some major revelation or milestone to blog.  No you don’t!  I write about school stress and experimenting with vegan cooking.  I would call that anti-milestone.

I also think people underestimate their writing abilities.  It’s your blog; no one cares about grammar THAT much.  I mean, you’re not being graded.  So I’m gonna try and convince some of my people, friends and family, to join blog land.  After all, it is free!

If they decline, I’m gonna have a sad existence of only virtual friends with cute screen names…’cause I’ll be disowning them!




2 responses

6 12 2007

Or maybe they are afraid of putting too much personal information onto the Internet, which could be misused somehow. It’s not a bad thing to be anonymous in the Internet.
Speaking of that, why do I actually have to provide an email address to post a comment?


6 12 2007

I don’t know. It might be a setting for leaving comments that I’ve never changed.
But I’m sure your point is exactly why my friends don’t blog…and they just don’t like to write!

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