BBC News: Nov 30

30 11 2007

A Turkish plane crashed leaving no survivors. An absolute tragedy.

Bob Geldof and Data have a new plan to help Africa increase exports and localized trade. (Cynic: the plan fails to mention how the increased revenue would be filtered down to the shanty-town dwellers, the ones who live near raw sewage and on $3 a day…IF they find work. *sigh*)

America continues to think that poor people can eat democracy, supporting Pakistan’s vow to lift the state of emergency.

Students in Venezuela and France continue to exercise their right to protest political administrations. (Cynic: meanwhile, American students play video games, get fat, and fail to learn exactly where Venezuela is.)

The Mexican tequila market is threatened by growing production in…China? (Cynic: Chinese tequila sounds as bad as Russian chardonnay.)

Indonesia plans to plant 80 million trees in one day. (Cynic: Let’s call it turbo Arbor Day. This SO does not make up for rampant reforestation.)

Teacher faces 6 months in jail and 40 lashes for naming teddy bear “Muhammad”. (Cynic: Blown out of proportion, IMO. There was a boy in the class named Muhammad for goodness sake. I’m a bit more offended that we still call them “teddy” bears. Why isn’t there another name?)


I must finish my doctoral applications today. Please wish me luck.




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