Embarassing + fabulous favorite

30 11 2007

Have you seen this?

I want to feel bad for Pickler, with her being a product of the US educational system and all. But I’m also pissed at her for bringing her ignorance to TV and at this show for exploiting her in this way. What’s worse is that I was introduced to this by my Spanish and French flat-mates. Great. Even still, I laugh when I see it…laughter between moments of anger, but laughter nonetheless.

Now, what’s my fabulous new favorite? JOHN MAYER! Well, he’s not new but I’ve been listening to his new song “Say” over and over again. I can’t get enough of it (plus the video is free through iTunes). And his blog is pretty funny. I have tons of respect for artists that show personality and heart in their music and away from the studio. I would SO date him too.
Anyway, check out the song and the video below of him doing “Waiting On the World to Change” and Alicia’s “No One”. He definitely holds his own!


Still haven’t finished the doggone apps. *sigh*




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