Game night + the weirdest meal yet

1 12 2007

This happened over a week ago, but I forgot to post. The flat-mates had a game night with the UK edition of Monopoly. When I peeked in, Thibault had lots of money but no property (he’d sold it all); Yvonne had lots of property and no money (she’d purchased a lot); Hannes was plotting to take over the world (he has a Bill Gates heart!); and Silke was hoping someone would land on her property so she could get paid.

This is, by far, the weirdest meal to date. Fried potatoes (very good), green beans (pretty good) and PB&J!

Earlier in the day, I wanted a sandwich and fries. Once I started cutting the potato, they were too small for fries, but I still wanted the sandwich. The green beans? Well, I don’t know how they got thrown in there. Any combination of 2 would have been good; the third just messed it all up.




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