Lazy weekends are the best

8 12 2007

Today is a good ol’ do-nothing day.  My flat-mates are in Edinburgh.  I initially planned to go with them, but the closer we got to the travel day and the colder it got outside, the less enthused I was about going.  Here in Newcastle, it feels like it’s 1 degree away from snowing and it’s raining.  Edinburgh is further north so I know it’s cold and wet there.  Plus I just don’t need to spend any more money.   I’m sure they’re having fun.  They’re more accustomed to the cold than I am.

So what have I done today?  Absolutely nothing!  Well, I did make my favorite meal for lunch (potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and onions).  Other than that I’ve just been listening to music, hoping this back pain will go away and sipping chamomile tea.  I have no plans to do anything tomorrow either. I MIGHT walk to the post office to mail something, but no work is going to get done.  I have mentally checked out of school and England.  I’m just counting the days (6) ’til I’m able to use my cell phone with no roaming charges again!

We did play UK Monopoly last night.  I got all of the “green” properties, 2 airports and all of the utilities.  Before I could collect any real money, we all got tired and went to bed.  I realized that every time I’ve played it back home, we were just making up our own rules!

My categories and tags are all over the place.  Tags are easier, but you end up with like 500 easily.  Categories should be easy, but I’m not so good at creating broad topics.  I’ll clean it up eventually…maybe.

Make it a great lazy weekend!




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