The forgotten photos

10 12 2007

In case I haven’t yet mentioned it (enough), I’m just counting down the hours ’til 6:20am on December 14th. That’s when the Delta flight is taking off, suckers! You have no idea how badly I want some sweet tea and grits. And more Maruchan ramen noodles. And to take a shower without shoes on. You get the picture. I’ve had a wonderful time, but…yeah, all good things MUST come to an end (when sweet tea is not readily available).

Here are some photos I found that I hadn’t posted before. When I say “found” I mean that I got them from Yvonne. Keep reading for the pics.

Watching rugby

At the beach

One of many parties

Drinking Miller Lite in England. I don’t even drink it in the states.

At Blu Bamboo with Yvonne (wearing Sheena’s shirt!).

Hadrian’s wall

Watching the Rugby World Cup semi-final. Remember this?

Yvonne’s birthday

All the folks I live with

See how tall she is

Showing off my butt in a London bus station

I fell asleep both evenings on the tube

Doesn’t this look like the poster for a sitcom? In Hyde Park

She thought of it before I did!

At the Tower of London

Dinner on the river in London

The downside to flat-sharing.

I really did throw the shoes out, along with some dental floss, socks and an expired inhaler.

My ramen noodle miso soup. yummy.

72 hours and 30 minutes ’til the taxi gets here.




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